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10 Intangibles of Great Leaders

One of the pastors in my life is Scott Hagan. We spent 8 awesome years in Sacramento as part of the planting team and then on the staff at Real Life Church. Here’s something Scott shared with us in a staff meeting awhile back that I’ve kept handy as a good reminder now and again. Check Scott out here, here, and here.

Scott Hagan

1. They go that extra mile without crossing the boundaries of burnout.

2. Can process their hurts without living wounded.

3. Can make a high-speed adjustment without looking double-minded.

4. They can observe something and quickly locate the insight.

5. They can experience a broken relationship without burning the bridge.

6. They reflect more than they react.

7. They work among the masses, but still make each of their children feel significant.

8. They tend to build a great marriage, not just a good one.

9. They have the capacity to be around large sums of money without being polluted with materialism.

10. They have prophetic ideas, but predictable behaviors (versus predictable ideas and pathetic behaviors).

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