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Bear with me.

Most of us who call Jesus our Lord and Savior would quickly agree that part of what we “do” as Christians is bearing one another’s burdens.

[“One another”… Does anyone, besides church people, even talk like that anymore?]

So out of loyalty, obedience, appreciation, love or any other motivation, sometimes we do the right thing and walk alongside a friend. And then for the next part of a journey, we help them carry their heavy load.

But Luke 5, so quickly after the holiday passage we often read at Christmas, hit me today.

The friends who brought their friend to Christ did not bear his BURDEN… They bore HIM. 

He needed Jesus desperately. But there was no way he’d make it on his own. So they picked him up and made a way for him to reach the Healer.

We have brothers and sisters in the faith who may need us to help them carry some weight for a time. That is an awesome responsibility, to live life together.

But how many friends have we walked by who need us to fully carry them for a time, to do the pushing for them to get an introduction to Jesus? Who won’t be saved or healed unless we pick up their mat AND THEM and use some ingenuity to break through the roof? Who won’t make it through the day without you there to help carry them? Is it your co-worker, your spouse, your child? Your friend, your boss?

How do you need to not just bear with, but bear the full weight for another today?


  1. Ron Ron

    Pastor i agree with you about carrying someone else’s burden, but what do you do to keep peace with your spouse if that burden is yours and not shared by them? I always try to fill the gap and help out but it does cause hardship if the passion is only mine.

    • Kathy Kathy

      That’s hard. Your family has to come first, though. Maybe it’s a discussion about seasons and boundaries that you can both agree on? There are times where it’s the right thing for us to fill the gap, or to use this post’s language, to carry the burden. But the Bible shows that most of the time, it’s for a season. And seasons change. When we don’t allow seasons to change (and allow others’ to also fill the gap), we go from helping to enabling. It’s a fine line, for sure, but one that spouses need to really pray through and come to agreement on. Remember- the man who was carried by his friends wasn’t carried by one person alone.

      • ron ron

        Thank you Pastor, I agree that both usually have to be in agreement. If you really know that God is moving you to help then help. but I do see many times that we do become enablers! Thanks again, and by the way I miss the Cannon Family!

Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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