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It’s breaking up over there.

Back in the early 90s, my family spent a couple of vacations with some family friends. We were in Central Florida, and to save parking money we’d all ride together to go out to eat or around to the tourist locations. Being the smallest person in the group, I was relegated to the front seat, between my dad and another adult. I did that whole no-foot-room-leg-tangle thing that children are somehow able to manage, and felt like I was getting the best seat in the house.

EVERY. SINGLE. AFTERNOON it rained. Every day of vacation. Gray skies, clouds for days, and none of that Florida sunshine we were expecting.

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Freedom is a Messy Table on Friday

It was actually my assignment to the PGs to each write a post about Freedom for the month of July. Mine was supposed to post this past Monday.

It didn’t.

I had absolutely no idea what to write while it was an assignment. Generally I work best with deadlines and pressure situations, but man, it just wasn’t happening.

And then came Friday. Ahh, blessed Friday. My Sabbath. Continue reading Freedom is a Messy Table on Friday

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I’ve come to enjoy reading a prayer of blessing over our church family at the end of each service on Sundays. It’s become a part of my teaching preparation, and my hope is that it communicates my heart for this amazing group of people as we journey together each week. [Prayers and blessings are sourced from multiple historic and modern contexts.]


May God make you fully alive:
that your life might shine like the sun.
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from a distance… the world looks inaccurate.

Pt 3.

You should see my high school letterman coat. It’s flat-out impressive, even from a distance. But if you just look at it from afar, you’ll probably get a completely inaccurate idea about who I am.

Okay, if that statement seems like a completely random start to a blog post, go back and read this and this first. It won’t take you long. I promise. Continue reading from a distance… the world looks inaccurate.

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Bear with me.

Most of us who call Jesus our Lord and Savior would quickly agree that part of what we “do” as Christians is bearing one another’s burdens.

[“One another”… Does anyone, besides church people, even talk like that anymore?]

So out of loyalty, obedience, appreciation, love or any other motivation, sometimes we do the right thing and walk alongside a friend. And then for the next part of a journey, we help them carry their heavy load.

But Luke 5, so quickly after the holiday passage we often read at Christmas, hit me today.

The friends who brought their friend to Christ did not bear his BURDEN… They bore HIM.  Continue reading Bear with me.


coveting vs covenant

Pt 2.
As an eighth grader, I had no clue the work Julie the senior had put in to earn her letters, patches and medals. I just saw the highlight real. I had no clue about day after day after month after year of practices, hours before and after school, preparing herself for the championship moments. I was impatient to just get to the championship moments for myself.

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My Letterman’s Rise to Fame

Let’s talk about faded lettermans. Were those giant coats in school colors a tradition in your hometown? In mine, they were basically an institution, right along with friday night football lights. I grew up in town small enough to have only two schools – one K-7 elementary, and one 8-12 high school. So as soon as I was in eighth grade, I felt like it was my job to figure out who I was going to be– for the rest of my life. And when there is only one stoplight in your town and the volunteer rescue squad is run by the same two brothers that also own the only grocery store for 5 miles … you know that everyone will know ALL your business. By winter of eighth grade, I saw my goal: to have a letterman coat as amazing as Julie’s. She was a senior, a multiple-sport athlete, a good student, and had metals covering the entire right front side of her coat. I mean, come on – it made NOISE as she walked. How cool is that?

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