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when gray meets gray

Let’s be honest – there are days when I am barely treading water. We can’t have it all. The¬†sermon will never be finished and refined at the same time that the house is ready for hosting a small group, the homework is all finished and five little backpacks prepped with snack, the relationship thriving, date night happening, the errands all run, supplies purchased, meetings attended (on-time, of course) and not to mention in-depth time in the Word.

It ain’t gonna happen.
Oh, but there are days when gray meets gray.
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The screaming was incessant. She was mad, sad, scared and exhausted all at once. My younger daughter would not, could not, calm down. She needed a nap, desperately. I needed her to take the nap as much as she needed it herself. Continue reading Sit.


Half-Full, Half-Empty, and why I really don’t care.

Most of us have heard the difference between pessimism and optimism described as people who see the glass as either “half-full” or “half-empty.” The other day I told a mentor that I’m not really pessimistic or optimistic. I’m just realistic. ‘The water level is *draws a line* right there.

Pessimists, Optimists & Realists are all useful to the Kingdom. But each and every type can get absolutely STUCK when we spend our time staring at a glass at the midway point.¬† Continue reading Half-Full, Half-Empty, and why I really don’t care.

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