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It’s breaking up over there.

Back in the early 90s, my family spent a couple of vacations with some family friends. We were in Central Florida, and to save parking money we’d all ride together to go out to eat or around to the tourist locations. Being the smallest person in the group, I was relegated to the front seat, between my dad and another adult. I did that whole no-foot-room-leg-tangle thing that children are somehow able to manage, and felt like I was getting the best seat in the house.

EVERY. SINGLE. AFTERNOON it rained. Every day of vacation. Gray skies, clouds for days, and none of that Florida sunshine we were expecting.

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On Lazy Racism & Remembering MLK

My son became an angry black (little) man.

For days his behavior, his attitude, and his countenance were completely off-course. Sure, he always has his “moments” – what 8 year old boy doesn’t? But this defiance and yes, even aggression, was coming at Ben & I at a pace that wasn’t typical for my Little Man. He was upset and acting on it, and we had no clue why.

Finally, while dealing with consequences and struggling to breathe through the tears, he told us.

Brown and white don’t go together.

6 words. 6 words spoken by an 8 year old, that sent my 8 year old’s world into a tailspin. 

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Freedom is a Messy Table on Friday

It was actually my assignment to the PGs to each write a post about Freedom for the month of July. Mine was supposed to post this past Monday.

It didn’t.

I had absolutely no idea what to write while it was an assignment. Generally I work best with deadlines and pressure situations, but man, it just wasn’t happening.

And then came Friday. Ahh, blessed Friday. My Sabbath. Continue reading Freedom is a Messy Table on Friday

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from a distance… the world looks inaccurate.

Pt 3.

You should see my high school letterman coat. It’s flat-out impressive, even from a distance. But if you just look at it from afar, you’ll probably get a completely inaccurate idea about who I am.

Okay, if that statement seems like a completely random start to a blog post, go back and read this and this first. It won’t take you long. I promise. Continue reading from a distance… the world looks inaccurate.

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