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The Pastor’s Husband

I originally wrote this in 2008, two years before our children started to arrive en masse. When I came across it, I wanted to share it here because it all still applies. Perhaps even more so now that Ben made some major life sacrifices to do what he felt was his greatest job opportunity ever, being a dad.

“So does Ben want to be a pastor?”

No. The answer is no. No kidding. It really is no.  Continue reading The Pastor’s Husband

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Bear with me.

Most of us who call Jesus our Lord and Savior would quickly agree that part of what we “do” as Christians is bearing one another’s burdens.

[“One another”… Does anyone, besides church people, even talk like that anymore?]

So out of loyalty, obedience, appreciation, love or any other motivation, sometimes we do the right thing and walk alongside a friend. And then for the next part of a journey, we help them carry their heavy load.

But Luke 5, so quickly after the holiday passage we often read at Christmas, hit me today.

The friends who brought their friend to Christ did not bear his BURDEN… They bore HIM.  Continue reading Bear with me.