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The Pastor’s Husband

I originally wrote this in 2008, two years before our children started to arrive en masse. When I came across it, I wanted to share it here because it all still applies. Perhaps even more so now that Ben made some major life sacrifices to do what he felt was his greatest job opportunity ever, being a dad.

“So does Ben want to be a pastor?”

No. The answer is no. No kidding. It really is no.  Continue reading The Pastor’s Husband

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Freedom is a Messy Table on Friday

It was actually my assignment to the PGs to each write a post about Freedom for the month of July. Mine was supposed to post this past Monday.

It didn’t.

I had absolutely no idea what to write while it was an assignment. Generally I work best with deadlines and pressure situations, but man, it just wasn’t happening.

And then came Friday. Ahh, blessed Friday. My Sabbath. Continue reading Freedom is a Messy Table on Friday

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I’ve come to enjoy reading a prayer of blessing over our church family at the end of each service on Sundays. It’s become a part of my teaching preparation, and my hope is that it communicates my heart for this amazing group of people as we journey together each week. [Prayers and blessings are sourced from multiple historic and modern contexts.]


May God make you fully alive:
that your life might shine like the sun.
Continue reading Blessing

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Mastering Leadership Hand-Offs: Batons vs Javelins

One of the the best things a leader can do is multiply himself via the lives and leadership of others. When you raise someone up, the entire idea is to RELEASE things into her hands, and allowing the student to now run her own race as a teacher. But too often we get this wrong and instead of passing a baton, we end up like Saul, who threw javelins at his successor (see 1 Samuel 19:10 for that crazy story).

Even if you’re not trying to kill somebody, it’s possible you’re hurling javelins instead of passing batons. Continue reading Mastering Leadership Hand-Offs: Batons vs Javelins

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I want to be an old man surfer.

These guys are amazing. Seriously. I sat there on the beach, iPad in one hand, coffee in the other to have my reading day. I had a towel to sit on and a hoodie to keep me warm. They had wetsuits and boards, and were out there in the water surfing. There were men, women, and multiple generations in the water, but it was the steady stream of these older dudes that kept grabbing my attention. And then it hit me. I desperately want to be an old man surfer. Continue reading I want to be an old man surfer.

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