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when gray meets gray

Let’s be honest – there are days when I am barely treading water. We can’t have it all. The sermon will never be finished and refined at the same time that the house is ready for hosting a small group, the homework is all finished and five little backpacks prepped with snack, the relationship thriving, date night happening, the errands all run, supplies purchased, meetings attended (on-time, of course) and not to mention in-depth time in the Word.

It ain’t gonna happen.
Oh, but there are days when gray meets gray.

gray meets grayYou feel the fog, you know that things are cloudy, your visibility is low. And when you look out at the horizon, you just aren’t sure where the water ends and the sky begins. It’s just all… gray.

But there is such a heavy promise that weighs on my heart on those days, heavier than the marine layer weighing down on skin.

It is on those days, when gray meets gray, that I think I’m treading water, so I keep going, keep kicking my legs, keep moving my arms, and before I realize it, I’ve gone from gray ocean to gray sky, and I’m actually flying.

It’s happening. It’s working.

And then with confidence built and momentum growing, you can soar.


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