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Half-Full, Half-Empty, and why I really don’t care.

Most of us have heard the difference between pessimism and optimism described as people who see the glass as either “half-full” or “half-empty.” The other day I told a mentor that I’m not really pessimistic or optimistic. I’m just realistic. ‘The water level is *draws a line* right there.

Pessimists, Optimists & Realists are all useful to the Kingdom. But each and every type can get absolutely STUCK when we spend our time staring at a glass at the midway point. 

After all, that’s just the status quo.

Jesus told the servants, “Fill the jars with water.” When the jars had been filled, he said, “Now dip some out, and take it to the master of ceremonies.” So the servants followed his instructions. John 2:7-8

Jesus was about to make a miracle happen. He was going to create not just a surface-level change, but a chemical process that was impossible outside of divine intervention. He didn’t tell the servants to just “put some water in the jars.” He told them to FILL them. And once they were FULL, He immediately told them to DIP SOME OUT. What came out was not what went in. Change happened when the meniscus curve was just about to overflow. And once the vessels were full, right away Jesus, God the Son, put it to use and the vessel began to be emptied.

Where’s the water level? There? Oh, okay. Well, is that acceptable? Because we could either drink it down or fill it up. What’s the goal? Let’s reach the next level! You there – go grab us a pitcher.

That’s how I want to lead. Yes, be a pessimist, be an optimist, even be a realist like me. But don’t sit there and stare at the water level. Be filled! And then immediately, start being emptied!

So I don’t really care where the water line is right now. At all. I just want to be full so I can be empty, and empty so I can be full. That preverbial midway point is just a passing thing. You’re in-process only – being filled or being a blessing.

I think we’ll find that when we are obedient to get full of the Word, full of the Presence, full of Grace and Mercy and Truth, that there will a true, miraculous change that makes us much more useful, and dare I say, more fun, to the parties we’re serving!

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