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It’s breaking up over there.

Back in the early 90s, my family spent a couple of vacations with some family friends. We were in Central Florida, and to save parking money we’d all ride together to go out to eat or around to the tourist locations. Being the smallest person in the group, I was relegated to the front seat, between my dad and another adult. I did that whole no-foot-room-leg-tangle thing that children are somehow able to manage, and felt like I was getting the best seat in the house.

EVERY. SINGLE. AFTERNOON it rained. Every day of vacation. Gray skies, clouds for days, and none of that Florida sunshine we were expecting.

break in sky NYPL collectionAt one point, someone spoke up and said, “Hey, I think it’s breaking up over there!” and pointed into the distance at a little break in the clouds that revealed a tiny window of blue sky and bright sun.

Everyone got their hopes up, in anticipation of not having to deal with the dreary drizzle… and everyone was disappointed. Call it divine comedy, call it Murphy’s Law, but each time someone declared they saw a break in the clouds … it started raining harder.

It became a joke, and before long, we began to both groan AND laugh each time we saw those peeks into clear skies. Suddenly, the rain wasn’t as much of a problem for this disappointed little girl, because the fun game had begun, and the rain outside couldn’t rain on the fun inside.

I’ve never forgotten that phrase, and it still brings a smile to my face. “It’s breaking up over there.” Whenever it’s raining and I’m pondering the skies, I say it to myself or to other people who don’t understand my internal joke. Because those skies can’t determine my attitude.

This week, if it’s raining and gray skies are clouding things up inside your heart, and whether a break in the skies means the sun begins to shine or you feel disappointed once again – take this verse to heart:

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Psalm 30:5

Hey… it’s breaking up over there. And even when you don’t see the sun YET, it’s okay. Smile, keep going, and know that this storm, too, shall pass. God’s got you.

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