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Monday is for Meetings: Co-Working without a Building

I used to dream about doors.

Seriously. Doors that close. Doors that block out sound. Doors that give the message of “Do not disturb because serious work is going on inside.” Doors that create an oasis of my candle smells and my personal playlists.

In the early days of Real Life Church, we were generously given office space in the back of an amazing company’s offices. They had remodeled their portion, and we were able to just become squatters in the unremodeled portion of the building. One of the more unique qualities of our space was the fact that we didn’t have doors on most of the rooms, we shared larger spaces, and those few offices that DID have doors, we didn’t have keys for (we once had a $14,000 locksmith bill because of one of these doors, but that’s a different story).

Sitting at a cubical in the open space, I remember praying for doors. “Lord, I would just love my own office space with a DOOR!”

When we moved into our building a couple of years later, I received the answer to my prayers. A thick, fire-preventative, 8 foot door. It was massive, heavy, and I felt it gorgeous, as I finally had a door!

But in the interim of moving out of the borrowed space and the new being ready for us, we didn’t want to “forsake the gathering together” of our team. So our “offices” were moved to the living room of our pastor’s home. We had a scheduled time to meet, pray together, and work together.

It was awkward at times. Calling “seat back” for your coveted spot on the couch, no privacy for a phone call, and of course the guys choosing to turn on “the game” at all times (Did you know that there are tv channels that show some sort of sporting event ALL. DAY. LONG?).

But it was also awesome. During that little window, our team grew in relationship in a way that we never would have achieved behind closed doors or even separate cubicle spaces. Our co-working allowed us to bounce ideas, blend personal conversations with professional ones, and it knit together our hearts as we did ministry together.

So planters – just because you don’t have an office, building, or even just a door to call your own – maybe you should just create an “open door policy” for awhile in your living room (quick tip: have this conversation with your spouse before telling the rest of the team!). If that’s not practical or big enough, find a local co-working space or see if you can use another church’s fellowship hall once a week for your team to camp out together for the workday.

See what God does as you still have scheduled, intentional time together in the same space to work, pray, and build relationship.

Yes, everyone could achieve just as much if they are working from their own couch.

Yes, it might actually LOWER the productivity level a smidgen or more.

But what you gain will probably outweigh the loss. 


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