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“Once upon a time there was a kangaroo that wanted a baby…

[I originally recorded this conversation five years ago today. Jada would now have a much more detailed conversation, but I firmly believe it’s because of these early conversations that she can have healthy talks about it today.]

So she prayed and prayed and prayed that God would give her a baby.

She asked the butterfly if she wanted her to be her mommy. 

And then, the kangaroo said to the sister duck, ‘are you a momma duck?’
‘No, I’m a sister duck.’

Then the momma kangaroo found a nest with eggs in it. And then popped out of the eggs there was little baby birdies. And one fell down.

And then, (Mommy, this is when the momma kangaroo will have a baby), and then the Momma Kangaroo had a baby. And then the momma birdie said ‘My nest is too small. Can you take care of this baby birdie? 

The momma kangaroo had prayed for a baby.
She knew she was going to get a baby.

Then they found a drink of water, and a place to find a dinner. For dinner they had celery and raspberries. And then they prayed  for a good night’s sleep.”

There are some conversations that are normal in our home that are not normal in other homes. They aren’t conversations we invite others to have with our kids, but something we can talk about when it’s just us, and they know it’s safe to ask questions and talk about our lives.

This is The Little Missy’s retelling of one of her books, A Blessing from Above, that tells the story of one type of adoption. She was asked to go “read” a story to her brothers, and ended up choosing this book and reading it to me. Then we got to talk about how Mommy was like the momma kangaroo, and how the momma birdie was like her birth mom. In the story it was the momma bird’s choice, but in Little Missy’s story, God knew that the momma birdie couldn’t keep her safe and take care of her for always. So in her life, God sent a foster birdie (her words) to carry her for awhile, and then the forever kangaroo mommy to adopt her (and her brother birdies) for always.


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