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one human, one canine, one divine

I have one meeting every week where there are only 3 invitees. And of the three – I’m the only human.

The second on the list often doesn’t make it, depending on the location. He’s my shepherd-husky dog, Pike. And the last, but most important invitee is my Teacher, God. He’s the only one that is never late for the appointment.

Every Monday is slated as my reading day. I study for future sermon series, read about leadership or any other topic I’m interested in, and spend extended time in my devotions.

This is the meeting where I have nothing to give, and everything to either gain or lose, depending on whether I show up. It’s also the longest meeting of my week, and I’d argue the most important.

I always expect our teams to show up for meetings or I know they’re going to miss out on something that’s said. When I realized God probably feels the same way about me and my reading day… the priorities shifted. But you truly see priorities in actions, not just in words. So here’s what I did:

  1. Instead of shifting the day around during the week whenever it seemed to fit, it became cemented as a particular day.
  2. I admitted the importance of the meeting, how drained and empty I felt the weeks I had missed it.
  3. I explained the need to my husband, who helps me protect the time, as well as telling others who need to know.
  4. I mark this time as unavailable for other appointments or meetings.
  5. I removed any guilt that tried to creep in when I have to say no to something because that time is already booked.

Call it Sabbath, call it a reading day, call it a meeting. But leaders, if we don’t schedule it, we all know it will get missed, cancelled, brushed aside, or just plain neglected. So schedule a meeting. Invite yourself, invite God… And if you invite Pike, he may come, too (especially if you meet on the beach).

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