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Quick Tip: You Need More than One Parent

There’s a huge push in the church leadership world for coaching and mentorship. The way I often hear it is people asking, “Who is your spiritual father?”

But there’s a problem with that question.

While single parents are heroes who work so hard to represent leadership and life to their kids, they will almost always tell you that single parenthood is NOT ideal. It’s certainly not God’s best plan.

We need more than one parent.

So who are the VOICES speaking into your life these days?Family Tree

  • What blogs do you follow
  • What podcasts do you listen to
  • What authors do you read
  • What peers are calling you on the carpet
  • What mentors do you meet with regularly
  • Who do you call when you have questions or need advice?

We all need multiple voices speaking into our lives, because no one person is going to be the be-all, end-all parent that teaches us absolutely everything we’ll ever need to know. And if you’re a team leader, trust me – you will never be the only leader your team members need.

As a quick exercise for putting this into real-life practice, our team was required to show up for staff day with a list of at least three blogs/podcasts/leaders they were following that are specific to their ministry areas in the local church. You’ll learn a ton about your team from the voices they’re allowing in, and you will also model intentional, lifetime learning.

So who are you listening to / reading / asking questions of to get better at what you do for the Kingdom?

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